What Our Members Say About Tees Mutual

What Our Members Say About Tees Mutual

This is what our members have to say about Tees Mutual and why they believe in putting aside a little money now for the future…

I took out my first policy about 28 years ago because my partner’s family were already with Tees Mutual. My partner pays £24 a month for a policy that also covers my son and I pay £20 a month. Having a policy means you’re not leaving all your debts for your funeral to your family when you’re no longer here. In all the years I’ve been with them I’ve only had two agents, including my current agent, Andrea, and they’ve both been fantastic.
Wendy Kirk, shop assistant, Thornaby

I’ve been with Tees Mutual for about 13 years after being introduced by a friend. I’ve got a death policy but I took another out last year so that my son would have something when I leave this world and I’ll also get some money back when I’m 60. You don’t want to leave debts to anyone else when you pop your clogs! I wouldn’t want to think of anyone doing it to me, so I wouldn’t want to do it to my own family. To be honest, I wish I’d done it years ago when I was in my twenties. I started thinking it was about time I started thinking about life insurance. You don’t think about it when you’re younger. My agent Ian Brown is smashing, he’s part of the fixtures round here now.  
Lorraine Goldup, Hemlington

We took out a policy last year. My partner’s mam and dad were already members so it was through then. Me and my partner have one each. I’m getting older now and if anything happened to me, I wouldn’t want my family to have to pay for it. We pay £3.30 each a week and we’ve had no problems whatsoever and Perry, my agent, is sound. The main thing is that things are taken care of if anything happens to me.
Paul Grant, house-husband, Middlesbrough

I’ve been with the Tees Mutual for nearly five years. Alison my agent is just like one of us. When I first started I paid £5.70 a week but I’ve upped it to £7.01. If anything happens to me, my family wouldn’t be able to afford to pay to bury me. It’s quite handy to have somebody coming to the house who you pay every week. Years ago there were lots of insurance companies coming to the door, but this is the only firm still doing it now. I don’t really bother with banks so what other way would I get insurance?  
Carol Frost, Brambles Farm, Middlesbrough

My wife’s mother started a policy with the society years ago and I decided I’d rather not leave a load of big debts to my children so I’d take one out myself. It’s not a very nice thing to leave for your children to deal with, is it? I pay a fiver a week to make sure there’s enough to bury me when the time comes. They’ve been smashing. I have the same caller all the time and before that his wife used to come round and they’ve been absolutely brilliant.
David Reed, from Middlesbrough


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