The average cost of a funeral within Middlesbrough is £3,921. Could your family cope with this financial stress and burden if you weren’t covered?

Our policy pays out a guaranteed lump sum on the death of the person assured. If you’re looking for life insurance or a pre-paid funeral plan in Middlesbrough, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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Life Cover Middlesbrough

Tees Mutual have been offering funeral planning and life insurance across Middlesbrough since 1904. With well over a century of experience delivering Middlesbrough funeral planning & life insurance, our team has the expert knowledge caring nature to deal with all life cover policies. At Tees Mutual we offer:

  • Life Cover & Life Insurance In Middlesbrough

  • Over 50’s Life Insurance Middlesbrough

  • Over 50’s Funeral Plan Middlesbrough

We are a leading Life Insurance Agency in Middlesbrough and the wider Teesside area, with over a century's worth of successful plans dealt with and aiding families in their time of need.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Middlesbrough

About Our Prepaid Funeral Plans Middlesbrough

Our policy pays out a guaranteed lump sum upon the death of the person assured. Our policies are available to anyone from a newborn, to those aged 75.

Bonuses may be added to the policy annually. Bonuses added cannot then be taken away. A further bonus may also be added to the final payout when the assured person dies.

This is how we distribute the society’s profits back to our members. Unlike other insurance firms, we do not have shareholders taking a cut into profits.

Benefits Of Our Life Cover

Peace Of Mind

By taking out our policy your family will not have the financial stress and burden of worrying about how to pay for your service.


Our payment options are flexible, meaning we can work with you if you have a change in circumstances and are looking to change how much you’re paying.

How Our Middlesbrough Life Cover Plans Work

You can pay weekly or monthly, by standing order or to one of our agent’s who will visit you at home. If you have a change of circumstances, we offer you the flexibility to reduce your payments without losing all your cover.

We protect your payout, meaning if you have to stop paying, you could still qualify for a payout. Many national firms you may have seen on TV will not give you this option and you could lose everything you’ve paid in.

We pride ourselves on knowing the people of Middlesbrough and being able to serve the local area, in the best way possible.

Risk Factors

We invest your money across the stock market in a range of equities, fixed interest stocks and cash. Your final proceeds will depend on the society's investment performance.

The amount paid may not cover the costs of funeral expenses. Your circumstances may change, forcing you to stop paying the premium. Our deductions may tum out to be higher than expected.

You can contact us and speak to one of our friendly agents to find out more about any risks associated with this policy.

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