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About the policy

This policy pays out a guaranteed lump sum on the death of the person assured. It’s available to everyone from newborn babies to 75. Bonuses may be added to the policy annually and once added cannot be taken away.

A further bonus may be added to the final payout. This is how we distribute the society’s profits back to our members. Unlike insurance companies, there are no shareholders taking a slice of the cake.

How it works

Pay weekly, monthly, by standing order or to an agent who will call at your home.

Flexibility to reduce your payments without losing all your cover. Some firms won’t let you do this.

Full cover after just a year. Some make you wait two years.

Protected payout – if you have to stop paying, you could still qualify for a payout. Many firms advertising on TV don’t give you this option and you could lose everything you’ve paid in.

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