Planning For Peace Of Mind
A basic funeral in the North East costs an average of £3,921 – could your loved ones afford this in the event of your death?

Paying for a funeral causes financial difficulty for around one family out of nine. More than a quarter of these borrowed from friends or relatives, 23% borrowed on a credit card and 13% took out a loan. Others were forced to sell precious items.

If there’s one thing everyone can be sure of, it’s that we’re all going to die one day. And yet hardly any of us put in place clear instructions to help make things easier in those difficult days after we pass away.

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It’s estimated that just one person in every hundred leaves their relatives with a detailed understanding of what they want to happen after their death.

Imagine the additional strain placed on your heartbroken family if they have to plan a funeral without knowing if they’re doing what you would have wanted.


The main thing is that everything's taken care of if something happens to me. I’m getting older now and I wouldn’t want my family to have to pay for it.

Paul | Middlesbrough

But making sure you have the right kind of “send off” could be only the beginning of the unnecessary worry and hardship they could be forced to go through.

Many families find they simply don’t have the money to foot the bill for the funeral they feel their loved ones deserve.

Source: All figures are taken from the Sun Life Cost of Dying 2017 survey except where stated otherwise.


I wouldn’t want to think of anyone leaving debts to me when they died, so I wouldn’t want to do it to my own family. I wish I’d started a policy years ago, but you don’t think about it when you’re younger. 

Lorraine | Hemlington

Our free PDF — My Final Wishes — is packed with useful information and helpful questions you should think about and includes a printable list of instructions for your family.

It also explains why starting a Tees Mutual Funeral Savings Policy will help give you peace of mind for many years to come.

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