Are you saving enough to cover your funeral?

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Soaring Dying Costs

The cost of dying has soared by 50% in just 10 years

Our informative PDF will help you plan your funeral
  • Key considerations when organising your funeral, with a handy checklist to help you along the way
  • How to use your money wisely when planning a funeral
  • Why you should choose a Tees Mutual Policy

If anything happens to me, my family wouldn’t be able to afford to pay to bury me. Allison, my agent, is just like one of us and it’s handy having somebody coming to the house every week.

Carol | Brambles Farm, Middlesbrough
Basic Fee

A basic funeral in the North East costs an average of £3,921

A third of people surveyed who have organised a funeral say it cost far more than they expected, often leading to financial worries and even debt.


I’d rather not leave big debts to my children. It’s not a very nice thing to leave for them to deal with, is it? I pay a fiver a week to make sure there’s enough to bury me when the time comes. My agent is absolutely brilliant.

David | Middlesbrough
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